Sarasvati Sindhu Indus civilization, soma, language, script and inscriptions

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I am happy to announce a new multi-media
dedicated to the following indological resources:
Indus civilization (Sarasvati Sindhu civilization),
language, script, inscriptions,
Sarasvati river (historic legacy and developmental challenge);

decipherment of script and pictorials,
decipherment of inscriptions,
decipherment of soma in the Rigveda.

The language resources include an Indian Lexicon
covering over 500,000 ancient words of all Indian
languages framed in over 8000 etyma groups.

The Lexicon is presented in multiple clusters:
alphabetical, semantic and by English meanings.
The format is ITRANS compliant enabling the display of any
selected word in any Indian language script.
Advanced search facility is provided
by english meaning, by language lexeme.

The civilization artefacts presented from the finds of
a large number of archaeological sites include
copper-bronze weapons and lapidary crafts and
matched with many inscriptions.

A preliminary Indian Hieroglyphic Dictionary is
presented and is a result of proceeding
from the known to the unknown--
from Mesopotamian cuneiform inscriptions and
resolution of Gadd Seal 1
to Sumerian substrate language
to the dawn of bronze-age,
to Indian language and script,
governed by a langue formulation:
image = sound = meaning.

In sum, new light rises on the contribution of
armourers as civilization ca. 3000 B.C.
launched into the metals age of bronze,
soma (electrum) and the PAROLE (lingua franca)
covering a wide spectrum of
semantic categories and dialects.

Would deeply appreciate receiving critical comments.

Best regards,
Dr. S. Kalyanaraman
10 July 1998
kalyan99 at

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