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Fri Jul 10 15:21:19 UTC 1998

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:56:06 +0100 you wrote:

>Anybody knows of a bookstore in the Netherlands with a decent
>Sanskrit section (European publishing and/or Indian publishing
>of e.g. M.R.Kale's editions, etc.) and/or a decent IE (lingu.)
Dear Indologists,

Atleest is a special case as it is run by an enthousiast owner who does not target scientists as clients. You might find very useful stuff or absolutely nothing. Books by Beekes and similar regular scholarly publications, if published by Brill and the likes, can be ordered by any bookshop at astonishing prices. You might try Kooyker in the Breestraat in Leiden and their other site in the same street. In Leiden, there is also Smitskamp's at the Nieuwe Rijn (across the bridge opposite V+D), the former Brill-shop who specialises in Oriental books. Most of it is Islamologist and Hebreist materials but on the attic there is a vast (antiquariate) collection of oriental publications on various subjects. Bring a decent amount of cash, though: the prices are staggering (a well-known book which is out of print may cost easily fl 200,00 = $100 there). It is a treasury of rare and hard to find publications, though.

Good hunting,
Thomas de Bruijn

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