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More about pancakes and other nice edibles!

Dominique.Thillaud wrote:

>         The ghAvana of Avinash Sathaye is puzzling, not found in
> Monnier-Williams, where the nearest form seems to be a root ghuN- 'to go or
> move about'. Mayrhofer (KEWA) precises ghuNati, ghoNati or ghUrNati 'moves
> to and fro' (only ghUrN- 'waver' in Whitney). The 'n' seems to be in the
> root but that's not sure, because MW and M give a link with ghola
> 'buttermilk', a product of churning. All this could suggest the ghAvana
> pancake to be made with a movement (rotative? alternative?). Any precision
> in the recipe? I think to the Greek kha(w)os 'original Chaos' (said in some
> traditions = Tartaros, agitated by perpetual winds).

Here is the precise recipe for the ghaavana:
 (The notation is ITRANS, the  whole material can be input into the ITRANSLATOR

for easy viewing in devnagari as needed. I have also included an rtf file for
this purpose.)

trivaaraM kaNDitaanaaM cha taNDulaanaaM supishhTakam.h |
ashhTamaa.nshadhR^itenaashu saMmardya tadanantaram.h ||
jalena cha draviikuryaadyaavaccha ghanadhaarayaa |
patishhyati tatashchullyaaM lohapaatre prataapite ||
ki.nchiddhR^itaM laapayitvaa pashchaatpishhTaM prasaarayet.h |
yavapramaaNaM pashchaattajjaate sachchhidrake tataH ||
pidhaanaM chopari nyasya pakve nishhkaasayettataH |
dugdhasharkarayaa bhaxyaa ghaavanaaH shaalivadguNaaH ||

##Thrice pounded fine rice flour should be thoroughly mixed with eighth part
clarified butter (ghee). Then dilute with enough water so it makes a thick
Then spread a little ghee on an iron pot  (preheated on a stove) and then
the (prepared) flour. When it develops barley size holes, cover and remove
after cooked.
These ghaavanaas are to be eaten with milk and sugar and have the same
properties as rice.

>         Jonathan Silk suggests maNDaka and the (diminutive?) maNDIlaka.
> This last word is given by MW: m. 'a kind of cake' (diyAv.) (hidden after
> maNDa). Interesting. Made with cream (maNDa)? or shaped like the war-disk
> (maNDala)? In both cases the idea of a rotation is possible (manth- for the
> cream and for the poor head of Namuci).

My  book also has a recipe for maNDaka (termed maa.nDe in Marathi) and it is
like a very thin
and crisp version of roTii. It is to be roasted on the BOTTOM part of a clay
pot (sort of like
the Crepes) but it uses a thick kneaded dough, rather than  batter! The word
probably refers to
the shape, the professional versions are indeed as big as 1.5 feet in diameter!
(They just use a big
skillet and not a clay pot though!)

The apuupa is also mentioned in the and is basically Cream of Wheat mixed with
brown sugar and deep
fried in ghee. So not quite a pancake!
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