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Harold Arnold wrote:

>How about: "The ocean had tea dumped into it by the revolutionaries?" "The
>ocean" is clearly the subject here, but I won't even begin to try to
>analyse the phrase "into it by the revolutionaries"

Neither do I. I cannot escape the impression that your, rather unrealistic, example might have the following underlying structure,

A2)  `x - to_have dumped - tea - into the ocean - by the revolutionaries'

which on its turn has the underlying active structure

A1) `the rev. - to_dump - tea - into the ocean'

After A2, the ocean has been raised to specifier position SPEC of I (subject position), leaving a trace in the form of the correlated neutral pronoun `it'. Finally, there is a chain `ocean - it', with `ocean' indeed in a subject position, but with the remaining loc phrase still in place. `it' has substituted `ocean'. I cannot see this as an example of LOC to SUBJECT.

A3) the ocean - had have dumped - tea - into it(self) - by the revolutionaries

Sandra van der Geer
Leiden, NL
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