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Dear Dr. Wujastyk,

I am pleased to inform you that only recently we have recomposed and
published  A Classical Dictionary Of Hindu Mythology And Religion  by John
Dowson. We wish that it may be circulated among the Indologist.  We would,
therefore, be grateful to you if you could kindly forward the following
message to the Indology list.  With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Susheel K. Mittal

D.K. PRINTWORLD (P) LTD., NEW DELHI has recently recomposed and
published the following Dictionary:

A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion Geography,
History and Literature
John Dowson
ISBN: 81-246-0108-9
Reason for recomposing the text has been stated in the  Note From the
Publishers . This note is being reproduced at the end.

The book is priced at US $ 5.00. Additional delivery charges by
surfacemail is US $ 3.00 and by airmail is US $ 6.00. Interested
scholars may place their orders through their booksellers or directly to
the publishers at the following address:

 Sri Kunj , F.52, Bali Nagar
NEW DELHI - 110 015
Phone: (011) 545 3975, 546 6019
Fax: (011) 546 5926
E-mail: dkprint at 4mis.com

Note from the Publishers
(printed in the new edition)
It is often found that scholars and students of Indic studies are
confronted with a variety of transliteration schemes in various
publications which perplex and confuse them in their attempt to
correctly grasp the transliteration of Indic sounds into English. There
is a need for a system of transliteration that would accurately render
the Indic words into English and provide something like a standard for
transliteration in the case of future works on Indic studies. The basic
purpose of our recomposing of this  Classical Dictionary of Hindu
Mythology and Religion  is to fulfil this need; to familiarise the
reader with the correct transliteration of the Sanskrit alphabet into
English. We believe that there cannot be a better place to attempt this
exercise than a fundamental work such as a Dictionary, and that too one
on Hindu mythology and religion, a topic no doubt basically essential
for students of Indology.
Diacritical marks have been used in this edition to distinguish the
various sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet as against, in the original
edition, italicisation of English letter which in combination produce
the required sound in Sanskrit. These discriminative signs rule out any
confusion arising from combinations of English letter and sounds.
The proper names, Indic terms and concepts are italicised in this
edition to demarcate them as belonging to the classical language. In the
case of plural forms denoted by  s  or  es  suffixed to the Indic words,
the  s  and  es  are left unitalicised to indicate the plural sense. For
instance, in Pur"a]nas, the  s  is not italicised.
Many Sanskrit words in hyphenated form in the original edition appear
here without being split by the hyphens, as there is no reason for
retaining most of the hyphens within the Indic words and also in order
to avoid complicated conjunctive Indic words.
We hope these changes would make the Dictionary more lively to the
scholars and students of Indology.

D. K. Printworld (P) Ltd.

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