Mon Jul 6 16:46:38 UTC 1998

N. Ganesan wrote:
>2. K. Sivathamby, Vaiyapuri Pillai as a literary historian of Tamil,
>Sri Lanka Jl. of South Asian studies, 1 (New Series) 1986/87,
>p. 80-104

J-L. Chevillard wrote:
>I do not have access to this item. It would be could if you could
>summarize its starting point and its conclusion.

Have not seen this paper either. KZ gives this reference.

Dr. V. S. Rajam's UPenn dissertation on TolkAppiyam would have
summarized the problems of dating.

This could be a starting point and Jean-Luc Chevillard and other
TolkAppiyam scholars can find its date.

In the last two decades several short Tamil Brahmi inscriptions
have been found on rock shelters, pot sherds in Kerala, Tamil Nadu,
Sri Lanka, some dating back to 100 B.C.. Iravatham Mahadevan's
book, Early Tamil paleography is in print. Mahadevan uses
Tolkaappiyam rules and Tamil-specific letters like the special zh,
the _n endings in personal names to ascertain that they are tamil.
Will this have any bearing on the date of Tolkaappiyam? (I don't know)

Dr. John Samuel, Director, Institute of Asian studies is with me for 4 days.
All I can is to help in getting Dr. Rajam's dissertation published.

N. Ganesan

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