Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Fri Jul 3 21:56:41 UTC 1998

Regarding my question to Sandra van der Geer on her examples
of indirect object to subject, what do she and others think
of the following examples:

indraayudhaM na kasya cid darzayati
              '(he) does not show the rainbow to anyone'
indraayudhaM na kaz cid darzyate
              as 'no one is shown the rainbow'?

aabharaNaM suutasyaa \rpayati
              '(he) hands over his insignia to his driver'
aabharaNaM suuta arpyate
              as 'the driver is handed over the insignia'?

(Both (pairs of) examples are with causatives which have
lost their causative meaning. The active examples I know
they're good. It's the passive examples I'm asking about)

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