my ignorance of Skt.

jonathan silk at YALE.EDU
Thu Jul 2 16:41:17 UTC 1998

>Gaur bAhIkaH is taken as a derogatory comment meaning:  "The bAhIka (or
>bAhlIka, a resident of the northwestern region of this name) is [stupid
>like] a bull."  This is often cited as an example of gauNI lakSaNA.
So, as an example of a secondary/subordinate meaning, we should understand
"Panjabis [?] are dull like oxen" (or singular), rather than the pleonastic
(or tautological?) "oxen are oxen".  Is this correct? (I could not find
exactly this in Patanjali, but this seems to be the explanation in
ParibhASenduzekhara 15 -- is this correct?

Jonathan SILK

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