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To all members.

The following excerpts were spontaneously translated in India in 1982, reportedly from the Shiva Purana (or from a title like Bhashkhar Sangita... or samhita?), but I coudn't trace the same in english editions. Unfortunately, I do not understand sanskrit to find the original text.

1) Does anyone of you scholars have an idea about the original sanskrit text?

2) At least, has anyone heard about this dialog between Angiras and Brahma before?

3) If I can't find the bibliographical reference from here, I will search for it during my next trip in India (probably next spring). In this eventuality, does anyone have a contact of a scholar or an advanced sanskrit student, in North India (Delhi or Varanasi), that would be prepared to conduct this research for me? Of course, I agree to pay for any (reasonable) professional fees.

A reply would be greatly appreciated.

Ms Chantal Lemay
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As Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva create, preserve and destroy the universe, they have also the duty to make the universe function. The Lord therefore ordered Brahma and Vishnu to create for mankind, but Shiva went deep into meditation, for it was not yet his time to work actively.

Brahma and Vishnu, after deep meditation and prayer, concentrated, and Ekandmuni appeared. At that moment, Brahma entered his creative state and, through the power of his thought, concentrated on the Word, uttered it, and Angiras was created by the power of the Word.

Then Brahma and Vishnu gave to Angiras the powers of the three worlds so that he could understand, create, control and maintain in the three worlds. For this knowledge and power Angiras was sent to Markande for Initiation. Markande initiated Angiras and said, "For you to continue your work, Angiras, I will always dwell within you so that you will be all-powerful."

Through the power of the Word Angiras could create and, as his soul was all-knowing, he was one with the Creator. In this state he created all the beings that were necessary for the protection and preservation of mankind. Among these were seven Rishis, three Sages, and sixteen others who each were given a different aspect of the Lord Shiva. They had their respective tasks, all very powerful.

It was through these beings that Angiras was able to maintain law, order and spiritual integrity in the universe. The arts of healing, agriculture, justice, mercy, law, order and harmony were restored. After this Angiras asked to be absorbed back into Brahma as his word had been completed.

Brahma said, "Your task is not completely finished, Angiras. You will come back in Treta Yuga as Vasishtha and again in Kali Yuga. One of the worst of all ages is yet to come, as in this Kali Yuga, lies, dishonesty, wine, pleasure, etc., will totally dominate, so that the lower desires will be rampant in the world. The spiritual structure of man will be destroyed, women will lose their virtue and destroy homes. Men will work only for material gain and lose their morality."

"When mankind has fallen very low there will be six nights and six days of floods. The earth will be covered with water. Then the power of the sun will come out like twelve suns, and this power will dry the earth. After this, Dharma or moral virtue, will return to the earth and Markande will initiate this new age of Dharma. Markande will then be able to influence mankind with the real truth and knowledge."

Angiras is the Son of Brahma. In Kali Yuga he will also be the Son of Brahma, and in Treta Yuga he will be Vasishtha. In Treta Yuga the work of the devotee will be to do Bhakti.

In the beginning, Angiras had every power and created. This power was the energy of the previous age that was the reservoir of spiritual energy for the next age. In Satya Yuga the aspect of power in Angiras was at its height. In the next age, Treta Yuga, when moral virtue again decreased in mankind, Vasishtha came and his spiritual power only became supreme through great devotion, love, ascetism, prayer and meditation. This power was created through Bhakti as only through Bhakti was he able to achieve total powers. The continuity of this energy moved into Kali Yuga and kept the spiritual energy active until mankind descended deeper into Kali Yuga.

At this time there will be no moral virtue, no peace; only vice and lies will reign. Even some of those who had spiritual powers previously will try to control mankind in a negative way. They will be in conflict and will misuse their power. When sin and evil are at their peak, then will come one who will save the world. 

... etc. ...

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