Authorship of Sarvadarzanasamgraha

Aklujkar aklujkar at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Thu Feb 26 06:24:51 UTC 1998

At 18:59 25-02-98, Edeltraud Harzer Clear wrote:
>Prof. Anantlal Thakur published an article "Cannibha.t.ta
and the Authorship of the SDS," in The Adyar Library
Bulletin 25, 1961, 524-538. I have not seen
an article on this issue by Prof. Kunjunni Raja,
if you find the reference, I am very much interested
in it. <

Because Prof. Kunjunni Raja has been strongly associated with The Adyar Library Bulletin for a long period, it may be that I attributed the Thakur article to him by mistake. I will confirm by writing to Prof. Raja when I have time, but most probably your information is all that there is to the bibliography on the matter. Thanks for the precise reference. -- aklujkar

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