Nisus 5.1 with Arabic Language Kit

jonathan silk silk at WMICH.EDU
Wed Feb 25 20:26:10 UTC 1998

I use Nisus with Norman fonts/ CSX fonts/Japanese/Tibetan (although no
Arabic), and in general it is OK, although I am becoming less and less
happy with the failure of the company to fix bugs (like hyphenation
problems), and various unnecessary things which clutter up the program.
Still, search etc. is unbeatable. If you have 4.6, I would not upgrade to
5.1.1, unless you need to index footnotes etc. Also there are severe bugs
with the way Japanese is treated!  They claim they are working on a fix,
but they have stopped answering my emails!  Not a good sign (or perhaps
just another sign that the Mac is on the way out!)

More or less a dissatisfied user, but with few alternatives,


Jonathan Silk

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