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>Dear Indologists,
>Can anybody advise me names of books (and details of their publishers)
>where I can find maximum diagrams of  Yantras  alongwith their
>descriptions and relevance with deities.
>Susheel K. Mittal
>for D.K. Printworld
>Dkprint at

        Dear Susheel,

                The following are the books solely on yantras:

                1. Mantra Mahodadhi of Mahidhara - (English translation)
                   Sri SatGuru Publications,
                   India Book Centre,
                   40/5,Shakti Nagar,
                   Delhi-110 007.

                2. Yantras
                   S.K.Ramachandra Rao,
                   Sri Satguru Publications....etc.

                3. Practicals of Yantras - (487 diagrams)
                   Sagar Publications,
                   Ved Mansion
                   72, Janpath,
                   New Delhi-110 001

                4.The Theory and Practice of Mandalas
                  Giuseppe tucci
                  Ridder & Co,
                  3, Fitzroy Square,
                  London W.

                5. Mantra Mahodadhi (Original version)
                   (Publisher unknown)

                Miscellaneous Notes on Malay Magic
                William Shaw
                Volume 18 (1973)
                Federation Museums Journal,
                Museum Negara,
                Kuala Lumpur.

        The above-mentioned source contains some yantras which
        are used by the Malays and Thais.

        There are several books in Tamil which deal directly
        with the subject., diagrams, prayoga, deity, etc.
        They are very comprehensive and straight to the point.
        It would need somebody to transcribe or translate. Some
        are from rare sources like the Siddhars.
        If you are interested I can post you the titles.

        I was feeling it would have been more appropriately
        posted into the RISA list, Hindu-net, or IJTS.




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