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John Smith jds10 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Wed Feb 25 09:43:11 UTC 1998

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Anshuman Pandey wrote:

> ...

> The Washington Romanized Indic fonts are outdated. I've been working with
> the METAFONT (TeX) sources, modifying details of accent placement and
> character design. If you want to use a CSX-encoded font, then I suggest
> you turn to the Norman, CS-Utopia, or CS-Charter fonts. These are
> available in both TrueType and Postscript varieties from the INDOLOGY
> archive or from John Smith's site:
>         ftp://bombay.oriental.cam.ac.uk/pub/john/

Just a correction to the above (I think you need to take a break from
Metafont and get more sleep, Anshuman!): the Norman encoding is completely
diferent from CSX -- don't attempt to use it if CSX is what you're after.
The site named above does contain CSX as well as Norman fonts, however.

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