Q. Lokayata texts; Sorry!

Dmitry Olenev tattvarthi at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 25 16:50:13 UTC 1998

---Birgit Kellner <kellner at IPC.HIROSHIMA-U.AC.JP> wrote:

> If you were me, you wouldn't be you anymore.

  Are You sure? The lack of modal logic is real problem :-))

   I'm sorry, I mistook the book you recommended for another book by
Debiprasad Ch. Unfortunately, I don't remember its title (something
like "Lokayata: a study of Indian materialism"), but in any case it
had quite different title and been published very long ago, so long
ago that it was translated even into Russian :-))
I read it in Russian and must admit that it made a bad impression...

    Yours, Dmitry Olenev
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