Authorship of Sarvadarzanasamgraha

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Wed Feb 25 02:27:02 UTC 1998

>>3. Was janArdana, the father of sarvajnavishNu, the same as janArdana,
>>the author of a work named tarkasangraha? The latter has been
>>with Anandagiri, the TIkAkAra of the advaita school.
>Is this tarkasangraha different from the famous tarkasangraha by

Quite different. annambhaTTa lived in the 17th century, and his
tarkasangraha is a compendium of the nyAya-vaiSeshika school.
janArdana's tarkasangraha is a *refutation* of vaiSeshika categories,
along advaita lines. It has been published in the Gaekwad Oriental
Series. And if janArdana was the father of sarvajnavishNu, and/or
identical with Anandagiri, the TIkAkAra (the identification has been
made by S. Kuppuswami Sastri), he must have lived in the 13th century,
early 14th century at the latest. Both tarkasangraha-s are quite popular
among traditional advaita circles, as a strong grounding in
nyAya-vaiSeshika is deemed essential for students of mImAmsA and
vedAnta. annambhaTTa's text is generally more well-known than


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