Authorship of Sarvadarzanasamgraha

Yaroslav V. Vassilkov yavass at YAVASS.USR.PU.RU
Tue Feb 24 06:46:41 UTC 1998

>From yavass Mon Feb 23 22:15:25 MSK 1998
I send this message on behalf of my colleague Dmitry Olenev:

Dear members of the list,
        recently I learned a very curious fact from the preface to the
edition of "NyaayaalaMkaara" (Gaekwad Oriental Series, N169, 1981, p.XXII):
the real author of SarvadarzanasaMgraha was, perhaps, a certain nayayika
CannibhaTTa, and not Maadhavaacaarya. I think, there is no need to emphasize
the importance of the fact since SDS is one of the most popular sources on
Indian philosophy and its history.
        Does anyone of you know how far the solution of the authorship
problem progressed?
                        Dmitry Olenev

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