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Birgit Kellner kellner at IPC.HIROSHIMA-U.AC.JP
Mon Feb 23 18:12:58 UTC 1998

Dmitry Olenev wrote:
> ---Birgit Kellner <kellner at IPC.HIROSHIMA-U.AC.JP> wrote:
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> > Maybe the following publication would be of use:
> >
> > Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya:
> > Caarvaaka/Lokaayata: An Anthology of Source Materials and Some Recent
> > Studies. In collaboration with Mrinal Kanti Gangopadhyaya. New Delhi:
> > Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 1990.
> >
>   <If> I were You, I would not recommend this book since it is real science
> fiction (as Eli Franco said and I cannot but agree with him). But if
> somebody is Marxism fan, I would advise to read and enjoy Ruben's
> articles as well. :-))
>   With best regards,  Dmitry Olenev

If you were me, you wouldn't be you anymore. In which case you would not
possess the knowledge which enables *you* to write the above (because,
I, being me, can assure you that I don't possess it, or didn't, until I
read your message). From which it follows that you, being me, would have
no reason NOT to indicate that the publication in question might be
useful; from which we can conclude that, ESPECIALLY if you were me, you
would be more than likely to "recommend" this book :-)

Anyway, thanks for the information.

Now, me being me, I recommend without any hesitation another publication
which recently came my way -

Shigeaki Watanabe: koten Caarvaaka-ha no ninshikiron - danpen no keifuu
(the epistemology of the classical Caarvaaka school: Genealogy of
Fragments). Journal of Naritasan Institute for Buddhist Studies 17:
Papers in Honour of the Reverend Chief Abbot Shoseki Tsurumi on the
Occasion of His 77th Birthday, 1994, pp. 11-131.

I can't remember whether Watanabe actually gives titles of Lokaayata
texts (which was the original question), but he gives plenty of Sanskrit
passages which *might*, in turn, mention titles (which I would know, if
I had the article right here, but I don't).

Counterfactually yours,

Birgit Kellner
Department for Indian Philosophy
Hiroshima University

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