Caldwell, Dravidian Linguistics (was: : Tamil words in English)

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Yes, Caldwell may not have seen Ellis' intro to Campbell. I mentioned about
Ellis' work in my article on comparative Dravidian published in Current
Trends in Linguistics, Vol. 5, ed. by Thomas Sebeok. Nidadvolu Venkata Rao
was the first to bring Ellis' dissertation to light. I gave a reference in
my article.
Ellis discovered the Dravidian family. But it was Sir William Jones who
intuitively discovered the concept of a language family some 30 years before

At 11:32 23/02/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>> S Krishna sagte :
 >It is little strange that Caldwell in his monumental work: "A comparative
>grammar of the Dravidian .......", did not mention (?) Ellis's note although
>he mentioned Campbell's introduction.
>Regards,                --Sreenivas
>P.S. I don't have access to Caldwell's work off-hand, but remember
>that he didn't acknowledge Ellis - as the first person to show the path -.
>Pl. correct me!
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