Tamil words in English

Sn. Subrahmanya sns at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Feb 20 23:39:28 UTC 1998

>Dear MR Subrahmanya, I had asked you for references on Indians asser
>ting that all languages are descended from Sanskrit and all I get
>is assertions from you that they exist but no proof i.e.  no text is
>quoted..I wonder why?:-)

Please point out where I said that all languages are descended from Sanskrit ?
Ask whoever asserted that all languages descended from sanskrit to give you
the references.
My response to Vidhyanath Rao's posting  is given below.
Hopefully that should answer your question.

I am NOT asserting that modern Indian languages are descended from Sanskrit.
All that I am suggesting is that the gulf that is supposed to exist between
North and South Indian languages may not be all that is made out to be.
Also the tendency of linguists to hurriedly classify words to be of dravidian
or Indo-european without any kind of comprehensive verification is not valid.

Your second comment was
>  IF kannaDa were really descended from Samskrt, then why is it that the
>kavirAjamArga( 850 AD) tells us that "A compound consisting of kannaDa
>and samskrt words is like putting a drop of buttermilk on boiling
>milk"...the mother's milk is poison for the child, huh?:-)
I have no idea what you are talking about. I havent read the Kavirajamarga
so I do not know.  However, I have "heard" that there is a dispute among
scholars as how to interpret 'anya desiya'. I believe some scholars assume
that anya desiya automatically refers to sanskrit wheras others do not.

Houston, TX

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