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>BTW, the difference in skin color between higher castes and others does not
>prove the higher castes are a different race.  There is no difference between
>features of dark and fair skinned Indians except for skin color; definitely
>not as much as the difference between African and European features.  The
>preference for a spouse having fair skin is well known in Indian marriages.

That is true. But you have to explain why fair skin is preferable. The most
reasonable explanation, in my opinion, is that fair skin was once connected
with high social status.

>Presence of people with blue eyes in north western India does not prove
>anything either (it is just a matter of settlements across the border) ; in
>fact it raises the question why the blue eyes are not to be seen in higher
>castes in most other parts of north India.

>Indians of south Indian origin do have dark features, but Indians from eastern
>states have mongoloid features (a fact conveniently ignored by IE gang), which
>again proves that India was seen as a good place to settle.  The incoming
>races mixed thoroughly for many millennia, being protected by ocean on one
>side and snow mountains on the other, had enough time to research into various
>subjects - an advantage not available to other civilizations.

This observation is, of course, quite true! India is a place where lots of
people have met and mixed. It was a good place to live, and a place people
would rather come to than leave. That there is a mixing of races in India is
also obvious. Even the Indo-Europeans mixed with the locals, in spite of
their conservative marriage habits. But I don't think the IE gang ignores
the fact that Indians in the eastern states have mongoloid features!

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