Sources for Hindu divination

Martin Gansten mgansten at SBBS.SE
Fri Feb 20 10:24:54 UTC 1998

My thanks to those who responded to my question about scholarly works on
Hindu divination. Despite Georg von Simson's optimism, the bottom line (at
least so far) seems to be that very little has been done in this area.
General books on Hinduism do of course contain stray references to
divination, but since the two works cited by Prof. v. Simson were published
in 1912, the real action seems to have been elsewhere. The recently
published "Light on Life" by deFouw and Svoboda, mentioned by Dominik, is a
balanced and readable introduction to jyoti.hshaastra by two practitioners,
but not the sort of thing I was looking for. In any case, thanks again to all.

Best regards,
Martin Gansten

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