Tamil words in English

Sn. Subrahmanya sns at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Feb 20 15:16:36 UTC 1998

I waited to see if there was going to be any kind of
reponse from the list members to Mr.Jacob Baltuchs accusation of
Rajaram as a liar. I am pretty disappointed that no one did.

What seems to have caused Baltuch to erupt is the following.

a) E.g., R. claims that the book on horsemanship written by Kikkuli
is "written i pure Sanskrit". It is actually written in Hittite, but there
are a number of Sanskrit terms related to horses and horseracing in the book.

Also Jacob Baltuch makes a vague general accusation as well
"I think that some of his statements go beyond mere ignorance
and are outright dishonest. Take the statement on that Hittite
horsemanship document.".

Would Jacob have made such an damning accusation against an academic of
European or American origin? he does so, knowing fully well that he will
get away with it against Rajaram.
I just hope that these is just a single case run amuck, and such attitudes
are not prevalent in all academia.

I would like to request Lars Martin, to post the whole passage so that
the digest members can get the complete picture and decide for themselves.

It would do very well for Mr.Baltuch to remember the stuff that has come
out of "invasion theory scholarship" and the havoc it has caused in the world
before accusing "Out of India" proponents of dishonesty.

Houston, TX

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