Tamil words in English

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Wed Feb 18 22:49:45 UTC 1998

In a previous post I asked "is there anything useful that can
be gotten out of the Out of India scholarship"? A few minutes
later I saw the post by Lars Martin Fosse outlining some of
the statements made by one such "scholar", one Rajaram. Boy,
oh boy! I think I must apologize to everyone for an attack of
temporary insanity.

I think that some of his statements go beyond mere ignorance
and are outright dishonest. Take the statement on that Hittite
horsemanship document. He must have known he was making that
up. It is enough to open the Encyclopaedia Britannica to get
things straight, that's really not a terribly mysterious piece
of information. What really kills me is that he seems to
have no qualms using Western scholarship when it suits his
purpose (not to mention knowingly distorting its conclusions)
without worrying that it might have been influenced by "the Church
(btw, *which* Church?) and the British". I mean, who deciphered
Hittite? Who translated that hippology text? Who identified the
Sanskrit words in it? Wasn't it Western scholars? Isn't he
worried about it? Not a bit. He takes what suits him and even
embellishes on it.

Anyway, that'll teach me. Sorry again.

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