Lord of animals - Bibliography

Wed Feb 18 21:13:58 UTC 1998

Hi Srinivas,

Alf Hiltebeitel, The Indus valley 'Proto-Siva', Reexamined through
reflections on the Goddess, the Buffalo, and the Symbolism of
the vaahanas.
Anthropos, 73:5-6 1978, p.767-797

In Karur, Tamil Nadu there is a massive temple to PashupatIsvarar.
There is a "pacupatIcuvarar mAlai", still unpublished and Olai mss. is
avaialble at tanjore sarasvathi mahal.

In karUrp purANam, the stala purANam, there is story on a Siddhar.
Called as KaruvUrt tEvar, he was a friend of Rajaraja I (fl. 1000 AD).
Tanjore big temple has a Chola era painting of karUrt tEvar in Tanjore
and that temple was consecrated by him.

pacupatIsvarar mAlai is of the same age as kALahastIsvara satakamu translated
by Heifetz and Hart. So far, no art historical study on karUr temple.
Nor any thing on karUrt tEvar's songs which form part of the
11th Saiva canon (patinOraam tirumuRai), nor on karUrp purANam.

N. Ganesan

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