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>>I am afraid Mr. Subrahmanya is dreaming a happy dream.
>I am very happy to be able to dream along with all Indian archeologists.
>I value an archeologists evidence more than any kind of arbitrary linguistic
 >how do they explain with their linguistic evidence, the overwhelming
>evidence from archeology that there is no sign of an invasion !!.

How can you prove that a Platypus does not lay eggs by showing Platypus not
laying eggs!?

>>And by the way: It is not possible to derive Tamil from Sanskrit. Nor is it
>>possible to derive English from Finnish, or Basque from Chinese. We are
>>simply dealing with different language families.

>There is no formula by which one langauge can be completely derived from
How do you know? What is 'completely derived' vs. 'partly derived'? In our
last encounter I suggested that you read a basic book on linguistics and
historical linguistics if you want to meaningfully participate on this listing.

>There are too many variables which cause changes in language.

Can you favour us with your knowledge and understanding of those variables?

>I (and many other Indians) personally find that Kannada and Telugu so
>similiar to other north-Indian languages that I refuse to believe that they
belong to different language families until some concrete evidence that can be
>independently verified is offered.

Who are these 'many other Indians'? What are their credetials to talk on a
problem of historical linguistics?

>Even so called "Dravidian" experts acknowledge this structural similiarity
>and come up with all kinds of convoluted ideas along with lots of hand
>waving to explain it.

What structural similarity are you talking about, historical, typological,
convergence-born? which one? Do you know how to distinguish one from the other?

ajnaaneen aavrtam jnaanam teena muhyanti jantavah--Bhagavadgiita.

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