negations and their names

jonathan silk silk at WMICH.EDU
Mon Feb 16 20:51:32 UTC 1998

Perhaps I was not sufficiently clear in my posting. My question is not
about the logic or meaning of these two types of negations -- this much is
(relatively) clear.  There is no cow in this room does not mean there is a
horse, while the cow is not brown does mean it is black or white or some
other color.  Fine. The question is:

**can one say paryudaasa-prati.sedha?**

(All by the way: is not Madhav's pratizedha an example of Homer nodding?!
In the romanization system he uses must it not be pratiSedha?  I well
remember from Madhav's Skt. teaching the RUKI rule for retroflexion!! And a
propos Srini's slipping elephants, in Japanese one says Even a monkey can
fall from a tree, and (more Buddhistically) even Kobo Daishi (Kukai -- the
great Japanese culture hero, and putative inventor of the japanese hiragana
alphabet) can make a slip of the brush -- some wits make this into: even
Kobo Daishi can fall from a tree ;-) )

Jonathan Silk

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