a Srauta question

F. Smith fsmith at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Sun Feb 15 16:19:51 UTC 1998

I looked through my different SSus and could find nothing. You are
probably correct, esp as your author referred to "kalpasUtra." But what is
the text you were reading which refers to this KalpasUtra?

On Sun, 15 Feb 1998, Madhav Deshpande wrote:

>         The best answer I have come up with my own question is that the
> KalpasUtra beginning with athaitasya samAmnAyasya and having 16 adhyAyas
> is the AsvalAyana-Srauta-sUtra and the AsvalAyana-gRhya-sUtra taken
> together.  The first has 12 adhyAyas and the second has 4 adhyAyas.  The
> second one takes off where the first one ends: uktAni vaitAnikAni, gRhyANi
> vakzyAmaH (AGS 1.1.1).  It looks like my author looked at these two texts
> as forming a single Kalpa.
>         If there are any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.
>                                         Madhav Deshpande
> On Fri, 13 Feb 1998, Madhav Deshpande wrote:
> > Dear Indologists,
> >         I am reading a text which refers to a Kalpa text in 16 adhyAyas
> > beginning with the words athaitasya samAmnAyasya.  As far as I know, this
> > is the first sUtra of the ASvalAyana-Srauta-sUtra, but this sutra has only
> > 12 adhyAyas.  Does anyone know of another SrautasUtra which begins with
> > the same words and has sixteen adhyAyas?
> >         All the best,
> >                                         Madhav Deshpande
> >

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