Indic Roman

Bh. Krishnamurti bhk at HD1.VSNL.NET.IN
Sun Feb 15 05:08:44 UTC 1998

Yes, Indic Roman is the software developed by Ecological Linguistics, PO Box
15156, Washington, DC 20003, USA. Costs about $70. It is pretty good. I have
been using it for the last two years. Bh.K.

At 14:36 14/02/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Members of Indology,
>Does anyone have access to a font called Indic Roman?  I am attempting to
>recover some files of one of our colleagues and my computer
>assures me that at least some of his files were written using this font.
>Unfortunately, the font is nowhere to be found in the materials with
>which I am working.
>Any assistance in this matter would be much appreciated.
>Tim Lenz
>University of Washington
>Box 353521
>Seattle, Washington 98195
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