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Mohan Vedantha Chari mchari at BCM.TMC.EDU
Sun Feb 15 14:49:58 UTC 1998

Nirad Chaudhuri is still alive having just celebrated his 100th birthday
in England, currently his country of domicile. Nirad Chaudhuri is very
fond of using european expressions etc in his voluminous writings. His
use of such expressions have on the whole been extremely pertinent.There
is however no mention, to my knowledge, of his having learnt greek and lati
Mohan V. Chari
On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Gregory {Greg} Downing wrote:

> On 14 Feb 1998 "jkirk at" wrote:
> >Nirad Chaudhuri often sprinkled his accounts with both Latin and French,
> >but I haven't yet found out if he actually studied Latin, or if he
> >simply used a phrasebook to create his sophisticated effects.
> >
> >Joanna Kirkpatrick
> >
> I'm familiar with this author from his very carefully researched biography
> of Max Mueller (1974), which is in my research area (history of
> language-study). But as a non-Indologist, I am not sure how prominent a
> figure Chaudhuri is. I notice his name was brought up (see above) in JK's
> short list of Indian scholars who might have studied or known Greek and/or
> Latin. Is that because Chaudhuri is unusual among Indian scholars in knowing
> Greek and Latin, or because he is a particularly prominent Indologist, and
> thus a good example of a well-known Indologist who perhaps knew Latin? When
> did he die, by the way (as the above para. seems to imply)?
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