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Dear Colleagues,

I am very glad to announce that the printed book

          *Journal of South Asia Women Studies -- 1995-1997*

is available. For the first time an electronic academic journal becomes
a hard copy publication. 1st edition, December 1997. ISBN 88-900226-0-4.
Pp. XXVII + 244, US$ 27.00

This volume comprises six JSAWS issues (Nov. 1995 - Aug. 1997). You can
see and order the book at:


Contributions by: J. Acharya, C. Brewer, R. Bunwaree-Phukan, S.
Chaturvedi, S. Kapadia, E. Garzilli, D. K. and A. Gurung,  J. Leslie,
T.  Nasrin, B. Phukan, H. B. Thakur, R. N. Tripathi, M. Witzel.
                         Table of Contents
Abstract of the Papers

* Vol. 1, No. 1 (November 1995)*
Note From the Editor
A Deb
A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi: His Views on Women and Social Change, by
Sita Kapadia
Whether Inheritance to Women is a Viable Solution to the Dowry Problem
in India, by Subhadra Chaturvedi
New Titles:
Gender and the Sexes in the Indonesian Archipelago, by L. Summers and W.
D. Wilder, eds. (Enrica Garzilli)

* Vol. 2, No. 1 (January 1996) *
Note From The Editor
How To Submit A Contribution?
The Kyoto-Harvard Transcription
StrIdhana: To Have and To Have Not, by Enrica Garzilli

* Vol. 2, No. 2 (May 15, 1996) *
Note from the editor: Happy Mother's Day!
Sati Was Not Enforced in Ancient Nepal, by Jayaraj Acharya
The Daughters and the Hindu Rites, by Bandita Phukan
Practical Steps Towards Saving the Lives of 25,000 Potential Victims of
Dowry and Bride Burning in India, by Himendra B. Thakur
New Titles:
We Tried: Government Service in India and Nepal, by N. Damman (Enrica
The Game in Reverse. Poems by Taslima Nasrin, transl. by Carolyne Wright
(Enrica Garzilli)

* Vol. 2, No. 3 (December 1, 1996)*
Note from the editor: Happy Birthday to Us!
 From 'Baylan' to 'Bruha': Hispanic Impact on the Animist Priestess in
the Philippines, by Carolyn Brewer
New Titles:
Women, Information and the Future: Collecting and Sharing Resources
Worldwide, by E. Steiner Moseley, ed. (Enrica Garzilli)

* Vol. 2, No. 4 (December 22, 1996) *
Note from the editor: Italian Dowry and Indian Dowry Deaths
Domestic Violence: A Daily Terror in Most Mauritian Families, by Ranjita
Dowry, 'Dowry Deaths', and Violence Against Women, by Julia Leslie
Hindu Marriage System, Hindu Scriptures, and Dowry and Bride-Burning in
India, by Ram Narayan Tripathi
Little Dowry, No SatI: The Lot of Women in the Vedic Period, by Michael
E. J. Witzel

* Vol. 3, No. 1 (May 20, 1997) *
Note from the editor: The Independence of India: What Kind of
The Perils of Free Speech, by Taslima Nasrin
A Non-Conventional Woman: Two Evenings with Taslima Nasrin. A Report, by
Enrica Garzilli
New Titles:
Bending Bamboo Changing Winds: Nepali Women Tell their Life Stories, by
E. Kipp, ed. by D. Bayard Haber (Damber K. and Ambika Gurung)

Notes on the Editors of the Journal
Enjoy the reading!

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