Origin of Dravidian languages

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Sat Feb 14 00:33:25 UTC 1998

In a book "The Harappan civilization and its writing : a model for the
decipherment of the Indus script" (p. 21), Walter Fairservis quotes the
results of some research by D. McAlpin, and F. L. Southworth. According to
this, "the appearance of etyma identical in meaning in any two branches of
Dravidian which can mean they represent proto-Dravidian etyma. This is the
conventional way of arriving at proto-Dravidian etyma. As the authors see it,
there are four cultural stages which are represented by these proto-forms for
which tentative dates can be given based on P. Gardner's scheme of
lexicostatistics [P. Gardner, 1980: Lexicostatistics and Dravidian
Differentiation in situ. Indian Linguistics 41 (Nos. 3-4): 170-80]

PDR-0: SDr/CDr - Brahui                                C.E. 3000-4100 B.C.
PDR-1: SDr/CDr - Kurukh-Malto                      C.E. 1900-2800 B.C.
PDR-2: SDr        - CDr (Kolami, Naiki, Parji-)   CE. 1100-1500 B.C.
PDR-3: SDr I      - SDr II (Tamil, Telugu)          CE.   900-1000 B.C."

Is the inclusion of Tamil in SDr II a printing error? I have only pages 21 and


S. Palaniappan

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