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Rama Balasubramanian rama at HOMER.CTD.COMSAT.COM
Thu Feb 12 13:35:34 UTC 1998

Allen W Thrasher <athr at LOC.GOV> writes:

 > However, this raises an interesting historical question.  Has any research
 > been done on the study of Greek and Latin in colonial and post-colonial
 > South Asia?  They must have been taught at a great many schools and
 > colleges in India for the sake of the ICS examinations, but I have seen
 > nothing about the subject.

Even the Central Board of Secondary Education, which offers the largest
number of choices in languages for high school students, including
Tibetan, does not offer Latin or Greek. I have not heard of such
courses even in the Madras University. In general, humanities studies
get little attention because they are not very remunerative. Sad, but
true. I guess after the British left India, no one would have bothered
about the classical European Languages.


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