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Tue Feb 10 17:13:26 UTC 1998

A very convincing derivation of Tamil arici etc.. has been given by
Franklin Southworth in "Proto Dravidian Plant Names" (I do not recall
the exact title of the paper) printed in the Walter A Fairservis Jr.
Festschrift, edited by Greg Possehl.

---"Dominique.Thillaud"  wrote:
> >>I am sure it is a Tamil loanword appearing not only in English but
also in
> >>other European languages (e.g. Czech ryze via Greek oryza).
>         'a' --> Gr. 'o' is incredible.
>         We know in ancient Greek two words for the rice:
> o'ruza is considered as borrowed from eastern iranian (see afgan
> ori'ndEs is considered as borrowed from western iranian (see persan
> (for "wr" --> Gr. "or", see Schwyzer, Gr.Gr. 1,313, n.2)
>         Both are probably related to the vedic vrIhi'.
>         The first greek word give Latin oryza --> Italian rizo and all
> other western names.
>         A long time before the Indo-Portuguese ...
>         It's highly probable that vriZE, birinj, vrIhi are not
> but loan words (rice is an eastern plant), nevertheless a link with
> arici seems phonetically curious.
>         Regards,
> Dominique
> Dominique THILLAUD
> Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

Lakshmi Srinivas

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