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Fri Feb 6 09:25:50 UTC 1998

>> N. Ganesan wrote:

> Vaguely remember a book by Subbarao, Indian words in English.
> Any bibliographical info is welcome.

Interesting that you bring his name and dictionary into discussion here.
It was the first book - authored by an Indian -  I got hold of, in our
university library :-). I was searching for _Hobson-Jobson_ (by Henry Yule)
and came across this work by Subba Rao. Seems he died quite young, and the
book is result of his thesis at Oxford (?) in late 1920s.

Rao, G. Subba:
Indian words in English : a study in Indo-British cultural and linguistic
relations. - Repr Oxford : Clarendon Pr., 1969. - XII, 139 PP.

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