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On the contrary, Kaalidaasa in s'aakuntalam says that females have superior
innate intelligence (as'kSitapaTutwam) even in the case of non-humans
(amaanuSiiSu), then, he says, 'think of women who are educated'
(pratiboodhavatyah). A female cuckoo gets her chicks raised by other birds
(crows). He gives this as metaphor.
striiNaam as'kSitapaTutwam amaanuSiiSu
sandrs'yate kim uta yaah pratiboodhavatyah
praag antarikSagamanaat svam apatyajaatam
anyaair dvijaai parabhrtaah khalu pooSayanti.

DuSyanta was referring to the intelligence of S'akuntala, when he noticed
her find some pretext or the other to look at him, as he was leaving (in a
way not to be misunderstood by her women friends)

Sorry this does not answer your question, but questions it!

At 21:41 03/02/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 11:38 AM 2/2/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>>       My query is whether there is any indication in the Sanskritic
>>>tradition (at any historical point) that the actual intelligence
>>>itself--the cognitive faculty--of women was considered inferior to men's
>>>(as opposed to the *focus* of the intelligence or the social or cultural
>>>realm within which it was applied). In other words, regardless of social
>>>circumstance, whether women's buddhi, or dhii, or praj~naa was a priori,
>>>constitutionally and inherently considered to be inferior or lesser than a
>>For a Jaina discussion on the inability of women to participate in debates,
>>which is linked with the inability to develop the requisite occult powers,
>>see Padmanabh S. Jaini, Gender and Salvation (UC Press, 1991, p. 18, #33ff
>>and p. 53 #21 ff.  Both Shvetamba (Yapaniya) and Digambara sources state
>>that women lack supernatural powers such as skill in debate, do not have
>>direct mental perception, and are inferior in scriptural understanding
>>(because there are certain texts that are not to be taught to women).
>>According to Shvetambara sources, this does not prevent the attainment of
>>moksha but these are among the reasons cited in Digambara sources for their
>>position that a woman cannot attain moksha.
>Regarding women and moksha, according to Vaisnava tradition, as expressed by
>Lord Krishna in Bhagavad-gita verse 9.32, anyone, be they women or men of
>any class, can attain moksha by taking simply by taking shelter of Krishna.
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