Indus/Sarasvati Doab

Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Wed Feb 4 10:04:45 UTC 1998

Seeing Thiru "DR.S.KALYANARAMAN" <MDSAAA48 at GIASMD01.VSNL.NET.IN> on-line,
I'm prompted to ask:

What did you (all) think of the IndiaToday article last week on _The Indus
Riddle_; _India Today International_, January 26, 1998; pp. 44-51?  For the
first time, I saw a clear mapping of the numerous sites that line the
former Sarasvati River basin.  Since none of them but Kalibangan is named,
I'm wondering if any one of them can be considered an actual city, on the
scale approaching INDUS sites of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa?  Have steatite
seals been found at any of them, and if so, where are they preserved and/or

Sorry, Dr. Kalyanaaraman, if I'm asking questions already addressed on your
web site.  If so, please remind us again of its URL.


Michael Rabe
Saint Xavier University

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