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I had just located this reference when your email came across. This is the
opinion also of A.B. Keith, Rel & Phil of Veda & Ups, p. 338. Also see Jai
Br 2.113. Caland translates the relevant part of Ap 22.13.2: ". . . er
beschlafe seine Mutter, seine Schwester, und eine andere Frau aus seinem
Geschlechte." The term "sleeps with" (beschlafe) is definitely suggested
by upa iyaat. We have no way of knowing whether this actually happened or
whether this passage was written in for reasons of "sAstraic completeness.
The Gosava was certainly never a commonly performed "srauta yaj~na.

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On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, jonathan silk wrote:

> Ap. XXII.13.1-3 is quoted as follows:  tene.s.tvaa samvatsaram pazuvrato
> bhavati / upaavahaayodakam pibet t.r.naani caacchindyaat / upa maataram
> iyaad upa svasaaram upa sagotraam /
> Is not this an explicit reference to incest?
> Jonathan Silk
> SILK at wmich.edu

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