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> Panavananda ???) that the BG is placed as far back as 3102 BC which was
> the date for the Mahabharata war and the beginning of Kali Yuga.

There is no evidence that Mahabharat is based on any real war. From the
style of the book it is easier to understand it is an allegory and the fact that
it has it mentions some real place names is just common today when any
fiction must have a real locale. Just because  a movie or fiction talks about
a place which is real or of a person that may have been real does not mean
the story teller has not taken liberty with twisting and exaggerating the facts.

if anything the real villains of Mahabharata are the Pandvas since they
resorted to more lies and injustices than Kauravs. Legalistically speaking
(Dur/Su)yodhan had the right of succession to the thrown of Dhritrashtra
according the accepted rules of primogeniture. Dhratrastra was the elder
brother but being blind had graciously abdicated in favor his seeing but
otherwise more sick younger brother Pandu who was not only impotent but
had jaundice and other diseases that killed him before his older brother,
who then took over the thrown in his own right with the help of his wife who
was not blind or sick. In normal order of succession Dhratrsta's eldest son
should have succeeded him but Pandavas were not even biological sons of
Pandu were the cry babies. Even then Dhratrastra did not discriminate
between his own sons and the bastard sons of his younger brother and
provided the same teacher for them. It is stated that the teacher was not
only a racist but also discriminated amongst his pupils. Pandavs turned out
to be gamblers and polygamous and polyandrous nincompoops who did not
want to earn their living honestly. During the so called war, Pandavas
resorted to so many lies and deceptions but still suffered such a great loss
of life that their victory was shallow at best and to consider the mastermind
of these tactics to claim godliness is hypocrisy at the worst.

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