pots, brahmin names, and potters

Bijoy Misra bmisra at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Dec 30 22:25:32 UTC 1998

>        Pl. see B. K. Smith, Classifying the Universe, Oxford UP, 1994.
>        Prof. Smith notes in p. 10 that Vedic literature represents
>        a world view of its authors, the Brahmins which need not
> adequately
>        reflect the world views of other strata, particularly the lower
>        strata of Shudras.

Looks like one would show anything to put forth a claim that
Dravidian culture foreshadowed IA.  Could be true, but not thru
Smith.  Poor connection.

>        Even yesterday in Indology, quite an elitist view of Hindu
>        religion was presented from an Ivory tower. As I try to
>        explain, these are not the majority Indian viewpoint.
>        In my view, "outsiders" view for the last few centuries
>        have revealed the real India much more than if it was
>        left to ahistorical thinking of Hindu dominant elites
>        whose views on advaita is understood very little even by
>        themselves.

I do understand these a little more than you would assume.
I doubt if you have studied people of India.  Books don't
say what people think.  I suggest that you go and visit
the villages.  You would discover.  Interview as many
people as you can to get a sample.  You may do that
in the US to get a sense.

 eg., They will brush aside Tamil as a mere Prakrit!
>        They often claim Dravidian language family is "Maayaa", a
>        sabotage on India let loose by Missionaries (cf. Indigenous
>        Aryan school publications). I have not seen any Hindu elite
> considering
>        "Money is Pure Maayaa". It is a lipservice then and now.
>        Show me one if there is any. For example, Sankara mutts,
>        true heirs to advaita,  seek big money and (polical) power all
> the
>        time. They hobnob  with politicians frequently. (cf. major
>        newspapers from India's cities). While there is pushing
>        down the throats of unwilling people, a date of Giitaa
>        as 3102 BC (not at all accepted by the West), there is heavy,
> urgent
>        rush to emigrate and get the money/job from the West whose
> inventions

These look like attacks than any substance.  Please refrain
from making casual political comments.
What the mutts do has nothing to do with what people think.
Please don't get agitated and get off-track.  By the way,
your earlier postings had some good new stuff.

My knowledge of Dravidian material is miniscule.  To discover
the linguistic connection from Tamil to Sanskrit and find
the foundation of IA in Dravidian culture will be a very
significant contribution indeed.

Have a peaceful new year..

- Bijoy Misra

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