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Wed Dec 30 10:10:06 UTC 1998

Bijoy Misra wrote:
> Comments on Hindu traditional views
> -----------------------------------
> Any assertion that a Hindu traditional view is akin to
> a fundamentalist Christian view is wrong.

I fail to see how anyone can seriously make such a sweeping categorical
statement, esp. when so many examples of the contrary are readily

You may discover at some later time that almost
all of the remainder of your sermon reflects merely one possible
ideological view, at the best, and certainly not 'the' traditional
Hindu way of looking at things. (S. Radhakrishnan set an example for
Advaitin fundamentalism with writings like his _Hindu View of Life_,
which seems just one minority view.) But this will demand a serious and
open-minded study of materials from a variety of traditions, which may
not at all be possible next to your regular astronomical work. For
professional Indologists, it is a full-time occupation.

Anyhow, I too wish a

> Happy New Year to all of you..

in which ideologies may recede into the background and the full, rich
diversity and richness of, and truth about, India may receive greater


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