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Tue Dec 29 16:02:11 UTC 1998

Hi Partha

Op zondag, 27-dec-98 schreef Partha Banerjee:

PB> I don't understand why you think your beliefs should over ride every
PB> else's.

PB> _______

PB> In relation to CS's last line, if I have imposed on anyone's beliefs, I
PB> am sorry. Repeated personal snide remarks on me aside, I thought we
PB> only exchanging opinions and debating based on our own convictions.

I think you're right: a sensible discussion should be a dialogue and not a
battle of monologues. This brings me to the observation that some voices
have been rather sloppy in their use of pramANa's (recognised sources of
knowledge). It's useless to write to an atheńst or a buddhist 'God exists
because it's written in the Veda's', because the Veda's are not a pramANa
for such a person. I used the word 'scietific' for this list, because in
science there are only two pramANa's: perception and logical proof. There
are alos shared by Indian and western philosophy at large. So these are the
only pramANa's which everyone on this list should stick to. The use of
others like old texts or the smile of a child are no pramANa's which can be
supposed to convince ohters on the list and certainly not me (I don't
believe in Santa Claus either ;-)).
It's not strange to investigate texts about gods without beleiving they
exist, the best analysis often come from outside observers.
To the critics of logic I would say: logic is nothing but a means of
communication. It's the only way we have to get things clear. Any rejection
of logic has to use arguments in order to make itself acceptable and is
therefore selfcontradictory.
So my friends: hold your retorical horses and ENJOY the discussions on the


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