request for reading literature.

Tue Dec 29 04:35:58 UTC 1998

 Nothing whatsoever one has heard of. Sometimes the race memories exist in
the form of legnds.myths,folk tales etc.In the present subject no such
thing exists.It all makes one to wonder whether it is apiece of fiction
that theancestors of present day inhabitants were driven south by
the onslaught of aryans.Nevertheless i would read any authentic account
if it exists.

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Ashish Chandra wrote:

> Dear Members,
> Could someone please suggest an old Tamilian/Dravidian scripture that talks
> of the flight from the North to the South after the "Aryan invasion". I
> would appreciate if someone could direct me to the oldest such surviving
> scripture.
> Thanks
> Ashish

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