Don Traxler sandon at CITCOM.NET
Tue Dec 29 02:20:49 UTC 1998

Is anyone working on the sayings of Lalla (Lal Ded, Lalleshwari), the
fourteenth century mystic and poet of Kashmir? I am aware that a similar
question was asked by another subscriber to this list a couple of years ago,
but would like an update.
Also, is anyone working on old Kashmiri?

Thanks in advance.

Donald Traxler

yavà tà:r tsali tim ambar hyaty,
bvachi yavà tsali tim a:ha:r ann  |
tsyatà svapar svavyatsa:ras pyatà,
tsyata: dihas va:n kya: van  ||


Wear only enough clothes to keep away the cold,
Eat only enough food to banish hunger.
Contemplate your own self in meditation,
O mind, give this advice to the body.

                --Lalla (Lal Ded), 14th Century Poet and Mystic of Kashmir

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