Early Giithaa sculptures

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 27 13:38:40 UTC 1998

 Is not the bhakti cult of VAsudeva
evidenced in the same 2th century BC by the famous "Heliodoros" column?
Is not
the theism of the GItA firmly rooted both in theistic tendencies of
SAMkhya-Yoga and in theistic UpaniSads?

  I understand that GItA has theistic tendencies of
  early SAMkhya-Yoga and UpaniSads. But is it the only
  reason why GItA is dated so early? For me, it appears
  not a sufficient evidence.

  Some guy/s living in say, 2nd century AD (or say, 4th century AD?)
  who is well-versed on YogasUtras and UpaniSads might
  have authored GItA and placed it in MahabhArata.

  This could be a reaction to bhakti-like phenomenon
  in Mahayana and Jainism.

  These queries can be settled, (given that Krishna as a
  charioteer or advisor to Arjuna appear very late,
  post-14th centuy AD in art.) by pointing out GItA quotes
  in other Samskrit or other language texts, whose
  approximate dates we know.

  Hence, what are the earlier Giitaa citations in other Indian
  texts? Before Sankara.

  N. Ganesan

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