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Sun Dec 27 04:08:10 UTC 1998

  I have been following wit interest the exchanges on some
  varied topics.
  i have some comments by way of loud-thinking.
  Re suggestions that Bull-worshipping could have metamorpho
  sised into linga worship, one would always consider that
  linga worship is anthrophomorphic and could not have origins
  from bull-worship however mighty penis we may endow the
  bulls with.Why should the phallus worship of some autocthons
  be lifted up and assigned to the worship of Siva who was
  the original Lord of the Universe after jettisoning the
  nature gods? When and why was the phallus wedded to Yoni
  giving rise to the delectable              dressing
  given to linga worship? Anyway given the attribtes of Siva
  (or,should it be attribute-less Siva) representing any
  other way would look silly-definitely not the north indian
  calender type effiminate Siva with mascaraed eyes!
  Incidentally what was there in sanctum sanctorum of early
  Siva temples? I am told that this format had come into
  being in case the great Kailasanatha temple in Kanchi(600-700AD)
  when it was first consecrated.

  Now to Hanuman being appropriated as monkey-god of Tamil
  country origins- why we should consider at all that
  Ramayana episodes had peninsular India as locale?
  After all if the Ramayana events took place at the time
  it is believed to be now,the country would not have been colonised
  fringes of Gangetic plains notwithstanding the assertions
  Kishkinda,SEthu,Lanka etc in their present locations.
  There is a strong view that Ramayana events are extra-
  peninsular.Though the Asuras are demonised in Hindu
  belief,we are coming to agree that they could be ancient

In the orthodox and conservative environment we grew up
Gita was never dinned into us for rote or for daily recitations.
Vishnu Shahasranamam and like the preferred rotes.
Perhaps the elders thought they more benifit-accruing
ritualistic and rote value than the philosophising and
moralistic Gita.In our younger days for popular expositions-
upanyas-episodes from puranas,Ramayana,Mahabharata
were in vogue.It is only in recent times there are so many
Gita-Exponents,Gita schools, Gita seminars etc.
As one rightly pointed out,the Krishna of south is more antics
playing Krishna ,Balakrishna or Aalilai Kannan THe famous Tanjore
school of painting depicts only infant Krishna or Rukmani-sathyabama Krisna
and not the philosophising KrishnaThe Classical composer Dikshitar also adopted
Ruk-Sat Krishna for paying his reverence in his compositions
The ubiquitous plaster of paris philosophy touting  Lord is as modern as TV.
sorry for boring you all,


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