Would this query be appropriate for this list

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Sat Dec 26 22:51:56 UTC 1998

Would this query ber appropriate for this list? Forgive me if not.

I have recently joined the list and therefore am new at this. I am
conducting research on two issues: migration, and the origins and
development of Kthatri - as an ontological as well as a caste. The migration
patterns of interest to me is that of the Sindhis (in particular Khatris)
stretching as far back
as I can. My particular interest is migration emanating from
Sindh itself in and around Hala outward bound into the southeast and or
thence overseas. If you have any bibliographic pointers and ideas as to
archival and or primary sources I would appreciate an e-buzz. Rather than
clog the list with responses I would suggest that perhaps respondents use my
dhada at mindspring.com address. I will eventually collate the information in a
synthesis and post it for others to view and critique.

One possible source I thought useful to prove to pin this topic to the
impirical wall was to deploy genealogical records. I am however, not aware
that such things do exist and if they do how accurate are these records
likely to be in the context of apocrypohal orality or in terms of
telescoping distortions of records set to paper years after the event.
M. Dhada., FRSA, D.Phil(Oxon),
Associate Professor
Graduate School of International Affairs and Development
Clark Atlanta University

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