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I am not a scolar of this subject but then I think we can have very good
reference to
             The Marathi Version of the Gita, the 'Gyaneshwari ' ( exact
translation in english means Goddes of Knowlege ) wrriten by 'Saint
Gyaneshwar' at the edge of 18 around, 12 or 13 th centuary . This is taken
as the most importent work in Marathi language and is considered to be a
root cause of the evolved 'BhatiSaMparadaya' in Maharashtra.  It seems
that before this centuary also, atleat in Maharashtra, 'Gita' in form of
'Gyaneshwari' was given high importence.

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On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Ashish Chandra wrote:

> N.Ganesan wrote :
> In the semiticization of Hinduism (missions got started from Vivekananda's
> sishyas. In the desperate search for an equivalent to Bible and Quran,
> Hindus found their answer in Gita. In the constructs of Indian nationalism,
> Gita plays a larger role in the last century or so. But TirukkuRaL of
> Tiruvalluvar is much more egalitarian and secular compared to Bhagavad
> Gita)
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