Early Giithaa sculptures

Ashish Chandra achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM
Wed Dec 23 20:39:58 UTC 1998

N.Ganesan wrote :

20th century Indian homes are filled with the pictures/handicrafts of
Krishna and Arjuna on a chariot drawn by horses? How old is this art motif?

Actually, this is not true. Most of the pictures of Bhagwan Krsna even
today are as Nandlala(baby Krsna) or together with Radha (Radhekrishna).
Simply art-motifs cannot be considered indicative of how popular a piece of
literature is. What do we say about Ramayana then ? It has been popularized
in the North by Kavi Tulsidas who wrote in Avadhi (I think). Why is the
Ramayana not considered the most important book on par with the Bible and
Koran even though it has been traditionally read for centuries now ?
Is it created aftr Giithaa's rise to the position of the Hindu equivalent
of Bible and Koran?  Or, does this have an earlier representation?

I am not sure if this is true. BG is considered as the embodiment of all
Vedanta and Sri Krsna is its teacher, as he himself says. I am not sure if
the BG has "risen" to be the Hindu equivalent of Bible and Koran. I don't
think I understand this question well.

How old is this in Indian art?
For Krishna in the South, usually he is Baalakrishna with butter or
Kaaliyamardana, etc., In Pahari or Rajput paintings, it is the lover,
Krishna with Radha. In Gupta art, I don't recall any of Giithopadesham.
Are there any old representations of Krishna preaching to Arjuna in Indian
art? How old these go back?
My recollection is it is very rare, not the position portrayed by Neohindus
now. Is this correct?


Who are these neoHindus ?

Dr. Ganesan, could you please clarify the last part.


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