Indian children born abroad -- RSS and Vivekananda

Sumedh Mungee sumedh at CS.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Dec 23 05:28:21 UTC 1998

I see why Mr. Banerjee would like to see this discussion continue. Cut
out his one-point agenda, and he would have nothing left to say! One
only has to peruse the Indology Archives and the Usenet to see what I

Mr. Banerjee, don't you think it is a little ironic that the very
thing you hate (hindu organizations) have become the only thing you
can discuss?  I ask you again - why don't you do something useful for
us Hindus, like build us a nice temple or something, rather than
spreading hate about the organizations that do build us nice temples ?
Ever heard of fair competition ? Offering a better product has been
known to be an effective way of causing harm to your competitor, as
opposed to grabbing a loudspeaker and forcing hate down the throat of
everyone within earshot..

Oh, and Mr. Banerjee's brave attempts to start painting Swami
Vivekananda in a crimson hue is providing some much needed comic
relief on this list, atleast for me. There is atleast one website
dedicated to proving that Swami Vivekanda was a Muslim in
private. Mr. Banerjee might want to search for it to get more
"quotes", perhaps. As long as no one is taking it seriously, I guess
it is harmless for him to continue..


Partha Banerjee <partha at CAPITAL.NET> writes:

> I would like to know from Mr. Misra why he thinks this thread is
> non-Indologic. Of course, namecalling or racist remarks are not to be
> encouraged. But discussions on one of the most important issues of India
> today (i.e., the politics of Hindutva and the rise of fascism) - how can
> they be irrelevant to Indology?
> Why censor this discussion just because it has political connotations?
> -Partha
> ______
> >This thread on  RSS and counter-RSS has little to do with Indology as
> >perceived in this forum.  Any scholarship and debate emanating
> >from such groups are necessarily biased.
> ...
> >Thank you for your non-indulgence..
> >
> >Bijoy Misra

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