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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Dec 22 20:07:42 UTC 1998

What do you accept as the date of Sankara's birth Dr. Ganesan ?

  I have not spent enough time to read all relevant
  publications on Sankara's date. I have heard/read it
  as 9th century AD. There is an inscription in
  Cambodia mentioning a Sankara. Usually, Sri KamakoTi
  Sankaracharya (Maha PeriyavAL who recently pased away)
  tells about this inscription. Dr. R. Nagaswamy
  has written that this Khmer rule inscription refers
  to a different Sankara.

  C. Sivaramamurti has published a sculpture from
  a kanchipuram temple wall, a Saint with an ekadaNDam
  claiming it to be that of Sankara. Others have expressed

  There are usually differences of opinion between
  Sringeri & Kanchi maths on many things.

  TiruvAcakam, by MaaNikkavAcakar (9th century?) clearly
  refers to advaita in a disparaging manner. He must have
  lived close to Sankara's time. U. V. SwaminAtaiyar
  and Maraimalai aDigaL date MaaNikkavAcakar in 4th century AD.

  I have to read on Sankara's time more. Any references?

  Very interested in the references on issues of
  dating of the Bhagavad Giithaa too.

  N. Ganesan

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